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Pupils from Hulland Ward Cof E Primary will be making a difference to their school grounds during The Tree Council’s National Tree Week (23rd  November to 1st December).

With the help of a grant from The Tree Council, a leading UK tree campaigning partnership, they will be planting 100 trees on their school field as part of their “Walk on the Wildside” project. Planting will take place on November the 28th to celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary.

“We are delighted that Hulland School decided to take positive action to improve their view and, in doing so, showing why trees are important to the environment and to people. Thanks to the resources contributed by our donors and supporters, The Tree Council has been able to make grants that will change views across the country as schools such as Hulland Ward Cof E Primary get digging. This will be the 40th year since National Tree Planting Year, dubbed ‘Plant a Tree in ’73:’ however, we still need more trees to counterbalance the losses in both urban and rural areas – a declining tree population is not good for people or wildlife. The Big Tree Plant is also doing great work and making its own grants to help people to change their views.” said The Tree Council’s Director-General, Pauline Buchanan Black.

Pupils at Hulland CE Primary School prepare the way for planting 100 trees donated by The Tree council and The Woodland Trust during National Tree Week which begins in 25th November.

Hulland Ward Cof E Primary is one of 18 schools and 13 community groups to share in grants totalling more than £20,000. They were also successful in being selected to plant a Jubilee Diamond tree, one of only 60 in the country; a donation of trees also came from the Woodland Trust.

A special planting ceremony and service will be held on Friday 29th November from 10am in the school hall with The Vice Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire, Colonel John Wilson OBE attending to officiate. The school welcomes anyone with a connection to the school to join us in our celebration of 150 years. Hulland Ward Primary School is on the list of National Tree Week events on The Tree Council’s website ( Information about events is also available by calling The Tree Council info line, 020 7940 8180.




1. About The Tree Council

Environmental charity The Tree Council is an umbrella body for over 190 organisations working together for trees – planting, caring for and enjoying them – and a forum for tackling issues relating to trees and woods. It focuses on making trees matter to people; more trees, of the right kind, in the right places; better care for all trees of all ages and inspiring effective action for trees. It works with its national volunteer Tree Warden Scheme and member organisations to engage people in biodiversity and environmental issues and to promote planting and conservation of trees and woods in town and country. A major part of this is achieved through its annual Community Action Programme that also includes Walk in the Woods month, Seed Gathering Season and the Tree Care Campaign, and through supporting groups organising local events.


2. About The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant is a campaign to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in England's towns, cities and neighbourhoods ; Pauline Buchanan Black, Director-General of The Tree Council, is Chair of The Big Tree Plant’s Partnership Board. Schools and communities are encouraged to plan planting schemes, for which grant funding may be available, and care for their trees to help make neighbourhoods more attractive, healthy places to live.





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