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Pupil Premium


The pupil premium for 2014-15 was allocated to local authorities or schools with pupils on roll in January 2014 who were known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any time in the last 6 years. Each of these pupils attracted £1,300.

Schools have the freedom to spend the Premium (which is additional to the underlying school’s budget) in a way they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.


Hulland Church of England Primary pupil premium allocation £2600

The money is used specifically to support pupils in receipt of the pupil premium in the following ways:

  • ensure participation in any related educational activities, where financial issues might prevent their attendance
  • provide targeted small group support work, including 1:1, in writing, reading and maths to ensure that all pupils make at least expected rates of progress
  • provide positive play opportunities to raise self-esteem and enable children to access the curriculum and so achieve their potential



All pupils attend all educational visits and use the learning experience back in school to support further work.

Small group support indicates that identified pupils are making progress in specific areas academically and socially to equip them with future life skills.

Positive play is used to raise self-esteem and confidence and supports the development of social skills and interaction between peers and other adults.




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